Gift Ideas For Bookish Folks

So we’re about 10 days away from Christmas and you’ll probably be sick of people thinking they have the right to tell you what to buy. Luckily for you, my sense of self-importance is just as high as everyone else. What I essentially have for you here is a list of things I’m desperate for someone to buy me but, in order to fill some content, am going to claim it’s a handy dandy guide to bookish gift giving. I’m shit at this time of the year. I get so jealous of buying great things for other people that I have to make it up to myself by spending loads of money. So if I really wanted this list could go on indefinitely. And that’s just using Etsy alone. However, in the interest of keeping it short(ish) and sweet I’ve limited it to about 10. By the time you read this I’ll probably own most if not all of the items listed. I’ll also be in the corner holding my wallet and lamenting my poor use of money. Happy Holidays everybody.

  • Book Rest Lamp (link)
This little book lamp is fucking gorgeous and a nifty way of keeping your place when you’re so overcome with exhaustion. It’s such a simple design but it is just a delightful idea. The soft glow through the frosted glass creates the perfect atmosphere for late night reading. It might be a tad expensive but your book-loving friend or family member is bound to fall in love with it on sight. 
  • Game of Thrones Monopoly (link)

Most people I know hate Monopoly. Annoyingly, I fucking love it and can never get anyone to play me. I know it takes about a year to finish a game (unless you follow the auction rule) but there’s something so satisfying about it. My love affair with special edition Monopoly sets started, weirdly, with the World Cup ’98 version of the game. God knows why we had it because I fucking detest football. There are probably hundreds of special editions of the game that I want but this Game of Thrones one must be top of the list. Rolling a dice to gain control of Westeros: what a way to spend an evening. When you play the game of thrones, you win or you go bankrupt.

  • The Grim Mug (link)

Etsy is my go to website for exciting and unusual gifts for my friends. I think the majority of the gifts I’ve recently bought my best friend have been from here. There’s the dog versions of famous paintings, the crotchet dragon eggs and all the amazing tote bags. If I had all the money in the world I would design my life using only items I’ve found off Etsy. It’s something I’ve already started and I’m guilty of recently purchasing a Grim mug for myself. It’s a must for any Harry Potter fan and gives the unmissable opportunity to hand it over on Christmas morning whilst exclaiming “my dear, you have the Grim”.

There is nothing that makes me feel more like a grown-up than by hanging framed prints of my wall. I’ve always been a fan of the poster and when I was a teenager I had to start sticking them on the ceiling because I ran out of room. There’s nothing that wakes you up quite like staring Dave Grohl in the face when you Foo Fighters poster falls down in the night. My tastes haven’t necessarily advanced as quickly as my years but I still love sticking things all over my walls. This has been on my wish-list for years and it’s just incredible. A map made up of hundreds of different literary titles to imitate an old map of London. It’s a thing of beauty. I need it. 
  • Golden Ticket Cushion (link)
Another of my all-time favourite websites is Truffle Shuffle. I’ve lost count of the amount of geeky goodies I’ve bought from there over the years. It has something every fangirl or boy can enjoy and is a dangerous place to look when I’m bored. They have a mouth-watering array of Roald Dahl goodies, which include some swoon-worthy quote t-shirts. However, my favourite is this quirky but awesome golden ticket cushion. Show someone how much you love them by presenting them with the ultimate prize. Extra props if you manage to wrap it up like a chocolate bar.
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar Tote Bag (link)
Out of Print is another of my top websites and I’ve spent more than a few hours lusting after everything. Anybody that turns beautiful book covers into fashion and also helps literary charities is okay in my book. There are plenty of options for book-lovers on this site but this tote is my current favourite. It’s so fucking adorable and the reverse side with the rows of fruit is just amazing. I’d use this until it was worn away. 
  • Sherlock Holmes entire text t-shirt (link)
When you have a favourite book it can become boring to other people to constantly hear how much you love it and why. What a handy new way to show it off to people? Just wear the entire fucking thing on your body. If that’s a little too much for you then pick the poster or tote. Just as long as you get the message out there. Although, how you could pick just one is beyond me. 
  • An old books candle (link)
Another standard Etsy recommendation here. I doubt there’s any self-respecting bookworm out there who isn’t aware of Frostbeard and their range of soy candles with a literary twist. There’s so many to chose from and I’d have them all if I didn’t live in the UK. International shipping is a bitch, guys. 
  • “Great Drinkers” of literature shot glasses (link)
If there’s one thing that goes hand-in-hand with good books then it’s booze. We all know how many of the greatest ever writers had problems with drink so why not pay homage to them and take a shot or two?  
  • Middle Earth map blanket (link)
For someone who loves books there’s nothing greater than wrapping up in the warm and reading. When the Winter nights are closing in you’ll find me underneath my faux fur throw and enjoying whichever novel I’m currently reading. The only thing that would make it better? If I was cuddled up undernath a map of Middle Earth. Now I fucking love maps. I always have. I’ve got several fictional maps gracing my wall and am well on my way to increasing the collection. Why not also have them on my bed?
  • Bilbo Baggins mug (link)
Every reader needs a great mug to drink their tea whilst reading. The design on this mug is absolutely beautiful and would be a fitting companion on any literary journey. Hell if there’s anyone who we know is up for a good journey then it’s Bilbo. My advice, go for the larger one. It gives more time to read. 
  • Books (duh)
Any book. Just a book. They’ll fucking love it. 

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