That’s what she read – Sunday rundown

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Either the realisation that I’m giving out weekly updates on my reading habits or the fact that I’m reading better/easier books has meant that I’m reading more at the moment than I have in ages. In the time between posting last week’s rundown and today I’ve nearly finished a new book. Consequently, I’m no further along with any of the other ones but I take victories where I can. I’m still buying books like I’ve got an unlimited bank balance, of course. I’m sure one day there’ll be a week where I have nothing to write under the “Recently Purchased” section but it won’t be whilst I’ve got fuck all self-control.

Currently Reading

  • Lexicon by Max Barry

I have absolutely devoured this book. I’ve wanted to read it for a couple of years and I’ve loved the basic premise. It’s not as clever as it wants to make out and it’s really obvious where the story is going. That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped wanting to get there. My main problem is the fucking split perspective. Why do so many writers go down the alternating chapter structure? Rather than dragging out the suspense it’s just fucking annoying. A better writer would be able to keep narrative secrets without having to ignore a character for a few pages. Fucking stop it!

Forgotten Books

  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I know I haven’t really given this much of a chance and I realise that it’s fucking childish to say I hate something this early on. However, I think I fucking hate this book. It’s so stupid. All the problems are so ridiculous and if anyone really thought about anything they’d realise how fucking stupid they’re all being. I’ve been in the position of starting University on my own and instantly wanting to go home. I’ve no problems admitting that I spent my first night away sobbing alone in my room. I quickly realised this was a fucking stupid path to go down and I went and made friends. It was tough because I’m a socially inept introvert but I did it because that’s life. Fangirl isn’t portraying real people. It’s showing us the fake Tumblr reality. I can’t fucking stand it.

Sample Read

  • Spunk & Bite by Arthur Plotnik

This month I signed up to NaNoWriMo because I’m a fucking idiot. I obviously haven’t written anything and I was obviously never going to. However, I like the toy with the idea of writing something. A friend and I wrote two stories about our work colleagues and presented them to a mutual friend for his wedding present. Yes, I know, we do sound like super cool people. It was a fucking stupid past time but I really enjoyed doing it. The problem is I’ve always felt self-conscious about seriously taking up creative writing. It’s the same reason I don’t tell people I know about this blog. I don’t like finding out how shit I am at things. So, I’ve started to read help guides for writers. My aim is to talk some sense into myself and try to work out a plot before next November.

  • How to Write a Sentence: And How to Read One by Stanley Fish

It’s not just novel writing that I’m trying to prepare for. I realise that my writing for this very blog is probably a little bipolar. For the most part I think I write like a student in their final piece of coursework but I also try and write as if I’m speaking with my friends. This means everything ends up sounding a bit shitter than I’d like. I love words. I love the fact that the correct combination of words can create something uniquely beautiful. Now that I’ve got my weekly schedule down it’s my goal to start focusing more on the way in which I write.

Recently Purchased

  • Things We Have in Common by Tasha Kavanagh (Kindle version)

This isn’t exactly the kind of book that I would naturally rush to buy. This is not just a crime thriller but a crime thriller with a YA twist. Finally, somebody combined two of my least favourite genres. Fuck yeah! I mean something that is trying to sell itself as the new Gone Girl isn’t going to be much to someone who couldn’t be arsed finishing Gillian Flynn’s dull thriller. However, whenever I hear people criticising something for being too weird and creepy then my ears will always prick up a bit. I fucking love weird and creepy. I’ll probably hate this as much as I hate every crime thriller that gets a lot of attention. However, I’ll go in with an open mind.

  • The Vanishers by Heidi Julavits

This is turning into a familiar story. Murdocal is perusing the internet and comes across of list of ‘Must Read Books’. At least one stands out to her and she immediately purchases it from Amazon. I don’t even remember where I read about this one or what it’s about. Something about psychics; mothers and daughters: and women. It sounds weird and, as I’ve already said, I love weird.

  • Reeling Through Life: How I Learned to Live, Love and Die at the Movies by Tara Ison

This is another book I’ve wanted to read for a while. As you’re probably aware from this blog, films have played an important part in my life. I’d say that books and movies have had a major effect on the adult I’ve become. They’ve given me more than enough quotes to fire at people and reference points to use in general conversation. The connection runs deeper than that and the way I view the world has been shaped by what I grew up watching and reading. It’s something I plan to explore further in a separate post but, for now, I’m excited to read Ison’s essays.

  • The 3 A.M. Epiphany: Uncommon Writing Exercises That Transform Your Fiction by Brian Kiteley

In keeping with my NaNoWriMon 2016 plan, I bought this book of writing exercise so I could push myself out of my comfort zone and get used to writing in a different manner. I have no problem getting down my many rants, reviews or general musings for this blog. The thought of writing a novel? It feels me with dread. Where would I start? I was the same when I did Music A Level. Put music in front of my and I’d happily start playing it. Ask me to compose something and I’d spend most of my time worrying about my lack of creativity. It’s not that I think I lack creativity: I just find the complete freedom to do whatever I want overwhelming. Does that make sense? Probably not.

Recently Watched

  • Doctor Who series 35, episode 10 – ‘Face the Raven’

Holy shit. I don’t know what I expected but I didn’t expect my soul to feel this broken.

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