With great power comes short attention span.

With great power comes short attention span.

I know most of my Doctor Whorelated posts mainly seem to revolve around my hatred of Steven Moffat for turning a beloved show into a steaming pile of shit. However, I’m about to turn this around. We’re only three episodes into this latest series but I can honestly say it’s my favouritesince Moffat took over. Peter Capaldi’s first season was pretty good but I didn’t think he got the opportunity to be as great as he could be. There was a major highlight towards the end of the series when the Danny Pink love story (yeah, more like love bore-y ) ended and Missy proved that a female version of a male character is actually the best fucking idea ever. Does anyone know if Helen Mirren is still up for playing the Doctor? I think it’s time.

Although, Capaldi is doing a fucking great job so far. I loved his entrance in the premiere and sonic sunglasses is by far the greatest idea I’ve ever seen. Even Clara is less annoying this season now she’s not in the middle of the worlds most ridiculous love triangle. I also can’t fault her wardrobe… boy that girl knows the best outfits to wear when trying to save the universe. You know what, I couldn’t even fault the Dalek heavy opener. Far from being the desperate display their last appearance had been, I actually found it pretty enjoyable. Steven Moffat, I doff my cap to you sir. Let me just finish eating my words.

However, I’m still me and I do have one minor issue with this series. It’s the fucking double part episodes. I know it harks back to the original series where stories were constantly split into multiple episodes. I also understand that the concept is to create episodes with more scope and have a greater potential for drama. The narratives have seen a major improvement by simply doubling in size and I have no doubt it’s played a major part in my growing love of the show. Just look at the first two episodes; Missy wouldn’t have got a look in had this been a normal stand alone episode. She was the best thing about the entire fucking thing. So I’m a big fan of the concept at work here.
That doesn’t change the fact that I’m one of those people who has become so used to the Netflix way of life that I find it difficult having to wait. My attention span is so fucking small these days than in the 7 days between episodes I’ve probably forgotten everything that happened. I watch such a small amount of real television these days that I’ve almost forgotten that you generally have to wait a week between installments. It’s like being in the fucking Stone Age.
As much as I hate it, the ability to marathon series in a matter of days has slowly started to ruin my life. I demand instant gratification from all my entertainment outlets. These days if I have to wait more than a couple of seconds before the next episode then I’m probably not going to give a shit. I partly blame my work-induced exhaustion but there can little doubt that my viewing habits are slowly going down the pan. The only shows I religiously watch these days are Don’t Tell the Bride, Bake Off and Made in Chelsea (although even that obsession has been dwindling in recent years).
Watching less TV would obviously be a good thing if I were actually doing something productive with my time. I’m not though. I’m not even catching up on all of the great shows I’ve still not seen. I would rather rewatch an endless stream of episodes I’ve already seen than discover a new and exciting show. The amount of times I’ve meant to start Orange is the New Blackonly to decide that watching Red Dwarffor the hundredth time is a much better option. I’ve still not seen Breaking Bad for fuck’s sake and I stopped watching House of Cardstowards the end of the second season. I’ve become such a lazy watcher. If any amount of effort or concentration is required then I’m out.
This general attitude is also having an adverse affect on my reading habits. The amount I’ve read in the past few months is pretty shameful and it’s because I’m finding more solace in YouTube and Netflix. At my current post-work energy levels, I’m just finding the idea of picking up a book and concentrating on the narrative is just too much. To be fair, before my promotion, I never really read a lot at home anyway but it has taken away my key reading time: my lunch break. I’ve got an ever increasing TBR list and an ever diminishing amount of time to read. If this is adult life, then I don’t want it. I’ll relive as many of my cripplingly embarrassing teenage escapades as I need to if it gives me more fucking time to read.
So, to return to the original point. I’m loving that Steven Moffat has managed to prove me wrong. Doctor Whois genuinely thrilling to watch and, so far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with each episode. However, I wish he could stop reminding me of my short attention span and immense laziness with his double episodes… the dick.

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