Star Wars: The Trailer Awakens

The last week has been fucking exhausting. Not only am I still trying to get to grips with my new job, keep up with my new schedule here and getting obsessed with Minecraft all over again, but we have a fucking huge onslaught of great trailers to get through. I've already mentioned that 2015 has... Continue Reading →

TBT – Spice World (1997)

Last month the world was rocked to the core with one of the most dramatic announcements humanity could imagine: Zayn left One Direction. For some reason, the news that this young man from Bradford no longer wanted to play with his friends had many people around the world calling into work sick. Personally, I battled... Continue Reading →

Game of Thrones: Stan’s my man

chewbaccaXIII/RedditSo the season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones aired yesterday and if I'm being brutally honest, it wasn't the most exciting opening episode there's ever been. The problem is the books: everyone knows Book 4 is one of the dullest and Book 5 is a pretty mixed bag. Cersei is just getting drunker by... Continue Reading →

Thunderbirds Are Go

I absolutely fucking loved Thunderbirdswhen I was growing up. Gerry Anderson's puppet-lead classic was always a staple in our house. My sisters and I enjoyed nothing more than watching the dramatic exploits of International Rescue: well, except that one where those men got horrifically burnt when the Sidewinder fell into a pit. Of course, I... Continue Reading →

TBT – High Fidelity (2000)

"What really matters is what you like not what you are like. Books, record, films – these things matter. Call me shallow but its the fucking truth”. I fucking love High Fidelity and I think that tells you everything you need to know about me.My desert-island, all time, top five favourite things about the film High Fidelity,... Continue Reading →

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